Lock Nut Removal

If you have lost your locking wheel nut key you have come to the right place.

There's only one thing worse than getting a flat tyre, that is getting a flat tyre and then realising that you don't have a locking wheel nut key to remove your wheel

Damaged locking wheel nuts are harder to remove and often require specialist techniques and equipment. Here at Magowan Tyres we have specially designed locking wheel nut removal equipment that can remove your locking wheel nuts leaving you to replace with a new set of locking wheel nuts or normal wheel nuts.

If you would like to enquire about a price or to book in, simply fill in the form details below and someone will be in touch.

So as we can check it is removable

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to remove lock nuts?

    As there are so many types of locking nuts it is hard to give an exact removal time. It can take anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour to remove a locking wheel nut or bolt without the original key. It all depends on the type of locking nut, the existing damage, how tight the nut is and what removal methods are required. 

  • Should I try to remove my own lock nuts at home?

    Many of the suggested DIY removal techniques found on car forums, Youtube and Google simply do not work on the modern type wheel nuts, the Mcgard style for example. Hammering a slightly narrower socket on top of the locking wheel nut will only work on a few of the older style bolts when they have not been over tightened and there is enough access round the outside of the bolt.

    Manufactures of both alloy wheels and locking wheel nuts/bolts have re-designed both wheels and bolts years ago so that now, in virtually all cases, this approach will not work.
    This will inevitably damage your wheel and causes further damage to the locking nut head, therefore making it harder for us to remove.

  • Will removing my lock nuts damage my alloy wheel?

    No, we will not damage your alloy wheel when removing locking nuts or bolts.  Our techniques ensure we do not come in to contact with the wheel.

  • How much will it cost to remove my lock nuts?

    Are standard price is £50.00 to remove four lock nuts, however in order to get the exact price for your vehicle you will need to fill in the above form or alternatively contact us on either of the numbers below

    Mallusk 02890 837766  Carrick 02893 361666

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