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MOT Inspection

We have dedicated specialists who can pre-MOT test your car using the latest MAHA technology in accordance with current DVLA standards and regulations.
We offer two different types of service:

  • MOT MAHA TEST LANEThis involves running your car over the rolling road to find any potential faults, with headlight alignment, shocks and brakes. The slip test is also carried out, determining the vehicles general wheel alignment.

  • FULL MOT INSPECTIONThis includes the MAHA test lane plus a mechanic will visually inspect your vehicle to find any potential faults.


MOT Enquiry

To get your car started it needs the power supplied by the battery. This needs to be of a good quality, in good condition and of the correct power to keep you motoring.

At Magowan Tyres we can provide quick and easy testing of your car’s battery and the performance of the charging components to provide a rating to compare with manufacturer's specification. Our equipment reveals whether the battery is healthy, requires charging or has reached the end of it’s life.

Should a replacement be necessary, we can supply and fit the majority of vehicles on the same day.

Exhaust Replacement

We supply and fit high-quality exhaust systems to cars and light commercial vehicles. We stock a huge range of OEM specific and after market exhausts as a direct replacement for the majority of todays cars and light commercial vehicles.

Exhaust problems are not always visible from the outside, it can be that the inside has become damaged or simply reached the end of it’s life. To check what the problem may be with your vehicle call into either of our depots and our trained technicians will examine your system and offer free advice.

Exhaust Enquiry
Brake Replacement

Your brakes are the most important safety-critical system fitted to your vehicle and it's essential that they are inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good working order.

We offer a free professional brake check on all cars and vans and are able to offer replacement for over 90% of vehicles. All parts supplied are specified to O.E. Equipment standard and are fully guaranteed for one year.

Brake Enquiry
Wheel Alignment

When wheel alignment is professionally conducted on your vehicle it helps it from pulling to one side or the other. Tyre life is also extended and braking performance is enhanced. You will also save money on fuel by making your car more efficient.

Our highly qualified staff ensure that your vehicle handles and performs exactly as the manufacturer intended. We also offer a bespoke adjustment service.

 If you have specific requirements then we can set the system to adjust your car accordingly.

Wheel Alignment Enquiry

A vehicle's steering and suspension system is a complex piece of engineering made up of many components that work together to maintain a safe, controlled and comfortable ride by ensuring maximum Steering, Stability & Stopping for your vehicle.

Due to the harsh environment in which this system operates it is essential that it is checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Should you need to check or replace any of your vehicle's steering or suspension components, whether it be CV Joints, CV Boot Kits, Springs, Shock Absorbers, Steering Racks, Bushes, Tie Rod Ends or Ball Joints just contact us on the form below. 

Suspension Enquiry
Diagnostic Check

All modern cars contain on-board computers that monitor or control things like emissions levels, engine temperature and even windscreen wipers. When things go wrong, these computers produce error codes which can only be read with vehicle diagnostics equipment. Our car diagnostic check picks up these errors and identifies what they mean, so component failures can be prevented before they lead to further damage or expensive repairs!

We use state of the art Bosch equipment for vehicle diagnostics which can read the engine fault codes in your ECU’s memory. Our fully-trained technicians can then suggest any necessary repairs to get you back on the road and rectify the error. 

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